It is essential to come with your own laptop with Windows 10 Professional (or Enterprise edition) and Visual Studio Community installed.
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Introduction to NEO smart contracts

Date and Time: 2-6pm, 21st January
Workshop instructor: Thomas Lobker

About Thomas Lobker
Member of City of Zion, NEO’s open-source community initiative, and winner of the first NEO dApps competition.
Blockchain engineer and infrastructure specialist at Bridge Protocol which is building a self-sovereign identity system on the NEO blockchain.

NEO is one of the blockchain platforms taught during the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) at University of Geneva. This workshop will allow you to see how easy it is to create a smart contract on NEO.

NEO is a public blockchain with a decentralized application development environment with several known programming languages (.NET C #, Python, Java …).

Who can register

Anyone can participate in the workshop but basics programming skills are required for the creation of smart contract with NEO.

Lili Zhao
Director, Ecosystem Growth |NEO Global Development
Mobile: + 41 (0) 788 957 828

Introduction to Ethereum smart contract development and security

Ethereum is one of the top5 cryptocurrency on the market cap and the major public smart contract platform. This position is due partially to the possibility to create decentralized applications (Dapps) by writing smart contracts. The Solidity source code can contains flaws (reentrancy, integer overflow/underflow, bad randomness, backdoor, …) and it’s important to keep security in mind when developing smart contracts.

After this workshop delivered by Quoscient, attendees will be able to create simple Ethereum smart contract, upload and interact with them on the blockchain.
We will also discuss about major security flaws/vulnerabilities that have occurred on the Ethereum main-net and how to prevent them from a developer point of view.


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QuoScient provides services all along the lifecycle of companies leveraging DLT, during due diligence phases for customers and investors, as well as supporting security audit and operations to project in ICO phase as well as established exchanges and DLT customers.

Who can register

Anyone can participate in the workshop but basic developing skills are preferred.