After experiencing the financial crash in Dubai in 2008, Tey Al Rjula moved to The Hague, where he became a Blockchain Senior Analyst for wikistrat.com, as well as a Bitcoin miner. Despite never having lived in Syria, Tey was forced to move into a refugee camp for two years due to his Syrian roots, after his work permit expired. This ultimately became his main motivation behind solving the “paper-based identity” problem; consequently Tey co-founded Tykn. Besides fulfilling his duties as CEO of Tykn, Tey is also still active as a public speaker, Global Moderator & educator on digital currencies and Blockchain technology, and holds an MSc Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia.

Nathan J. Anderson is the CEO and co-founder of ScanTrust.

Nagib Aouini holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Cryptography from the French university ENSIMAG. He is in charge of the Cybersecurity/Blockchain Services division of ELCA Informatique SA and manages a group of cybersecurity experts. Nagib has more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital identity and smartcards, and has proven experience in the implementation of complex technical projects with high added value.

Jori Armbruster is a Blockchain believer, decentralization advocate, Co-Founder and Coordinator Node of EthicHub. He aims to disrupt the current financial lending system by creating a fair global crowd lending system. Jori Armbruster has run a coffee farm in Mexico and was also CEO of an over 880 employees company.

Baptiste Audren is Head of Product and Business Development of komgo after co-founding the company in 2018 with the backing of 15 major finance institutions and corporates.
His trajectory running up to this position encompasses several senior commodity trade finance roles which amass to more than 10 years of experience spread across two major continents Europe (Paris & Geneva) and Africa (Johannesburg). The relationships he built working for BNP Paribas and Société Générale enabled the coming together of the first majors (Société Générale and ING) to explore blockchain in the Easy Trade Connect project he initiated in 2016. The project realised two blockchain dedicated PoCs and provided for the foundation on which not only komgo® exists but the energy based trading platform VAKT as well. Baptiste is a KEDGE Business School graduate and obtained an Executive MBA from EPFL.

Vicken Bayramian is a lawyer specializing in commodity trading law and ADR. He is Founding Partner of Field Solutions and co-founder with Alec Avedisyan (EPFL) of Cryptolex, which is one of the pioneer companies in DLT and Blockchain in Geneva. This company has conceptualized and implemented Blockchain certification technology named Ntity with concrete applications in the fields of documentary credits, votations and horology with the first Swiss mechanical watch in full certification on Blockchain: MasterBlock.

Sahra Benaouda Brean is an Independant contractor at SBConsulting.

Since May 2017, Pierre Besson works for Union Bancaire Privée as senior group compliance advisor and deputy head Compliance & Risk.
He gives compliance financial market courses at the Compliance management program (University of Geneva) and at the Haute Ecole ARC (postgraduate program financial crime).

Delphine Bracher – Ethicist at ethix.ch, writing on a White Paper „Ethics of Blockchain“
Delphine is part of the ethix crew, lab for innovation ethics. She has studied international relations, political philosophy and business ethics and pursues her fascination for social and technological innovation at ethix. Within ethix, she is working on a white paper on the ethics of blockchain. Delphine has a passion for critical ethical approaches in order to shed light on the opportunities and risks of new technologies such as the blockchain. These topics and their influence on society are also part of her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Bern.

Lamine Brahimi is a co-founder and Managing Partner of TAURUS Group SA. Prior to co-founding TAURUS Group SA, Lamine was previously Deputy-COO, Chief Digital Officer of Lombard Odier’s wealth management unit as well as General Secretary of the Group.

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‪Pierre-Yves Burgi is Assistant Director of Information Systems Division at the University of Geneva. From June 2003 to December 2017, he led the new technologies department and since January 1st, 2018, he co-directs the Solution Integration and Development department. In parallel with this function, he has led since 2014 the Swiss DLCM project (dlcm.ch), which aims to set up a national solution for the archiving of research data.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Dr. Cahana is a Venture Partner and HealthCare, MedTech Advisor at CryptoOracle. With over 25 years of experience in clinical medicine Dr. Cahana consults multiple national and international private and public companies, start-ups and healthcare organizations on blockchain technology, digiceutical integration and healthcare redesign.

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Stephane is currently responsible for the implementation of an artificial intelligence strategy applied to SITA products. For the past 10 years Stephane was part of SITA Lab where he managed several technology research projects for the airline and airport industry using technologies ranging from blockchain, IoT and robotics.

Naoufel Cheikhrouhou is Professor of Supply Chain Management and Operations Management at the Haute école de gestion of Geneva. Naoufel Cheikhrouhou’s areas of activity focus on supply chain, operations management, service simulation and industrial organization, in which he has published more than 80 articles and book chapters.

Olivier Depierre is an attorney-at-law specialized in TGE support based on replicated hash-block technologies with a former background and long experience in banking law, financial regulation and white-collar crimes. He worked several years with banks and other financial intermediaries in the field of compliance and acts now on multiple mandates, for example for establishments subject to a prudential supervision, independent portfolio managers and investment advisers, as well as mandates for commercial companies in connection with banking and financial law.

After several years as head of marketing and international communication, first in the fields of sport then luxury, Frédéric Dumonal creates Les intellos in 2010, a structure specialized in consulting and support of digital devices. Graduated in pedagogy, he is also a trainer for the State of Geneva (DIP) where he accompanies apprentices in the creation of digital projects.

As part of the research and development of digital skills, he is Director of Continuing Education and lecturer in Bachelors and Masters Degrees at the school CREA INSEEC group. Passionate about innovation, digital transformation and Blockchain, he analyzes and considers the digital world of tomorrow.

Jörn Erbguth, a law and computer science graduate, is an independent consultant in blockchain, smart contracts and the RGPD. He implemented the project of certification of the diplomas of the University of Geneva by a smart contract on a blockchain (eCert). At the same time, he is writing a thesis on the governance of blockchains. Previously, he was CTO at Swisslex, a Swiss legal data base.

Krzysztof Gagacki is the founder of IOVO, the first decentralized human value network giving power over data back to the people, who generate it. He has established himself as a significant figure in the crypto space by entering the market at its early stage of development and being an early investor of some of the leading blockchain projects.

Vincent Graf is Technology Advisor at the ICRC, which he joined in 2015 as ICT Innovation Manager. Graduated in Mathematics from EPFL, he is now working in the Digital Transformation and Data department, focusing on projects and research in the field of AI and distributed systems with a focus on data’s protection and confidentiality.

Jerome is General Manager Europe at VeChain. He has 15 years of experience in the Finance industry. After completing a MsC in Computer Science he started working in the field of electronic trading (Goldman Sachs London). He then completed an MBA at London Business School and moved to Structured Debt Finance / M&A / Retail Business and Commercial Development, all at Barclays Bank where he worked for 8 years. His dual technical and business background allowed him to lead the development of VeChain in Europe.

André Güdel leads the International HQs cluster for KPMG Switzerland. His mandate is to work with KPMG’s foreign corporate clients which are establishing European or Global HQs in Switzerland. Blockchain related projects are currently among his main client base.

Daniel Haudenschild is the CEO of Swisscom Blockchain AG. With more than 20 years of experience as a consultant for the “Big Four” in his role as consulting partner at the financial department of Ernst & Young, Daniel Haudenschild is a key expert in technological transformation, FinTech strategy and digital solution development.

Robert Hensler has a degree in law from the University of Geneva and extensive experience in the field of economics. He joined the Geneva Bar in 1979. His professional career, encompassing the public and private sectors, has given him in-depth knowledge of both worlds. He worked as an attorney-at-law for the Geneva Business Council (Fédération des Entreprises Romandes). He then joined the State of Geneva as Head of Legal Affairs for the Ministry of the Economy. In 1993, the State Council of the Republic and Canton of Geneva appointed him State Chancellor until 2009. In 2010, he decided to come back to the bar. In his functions as Attorney and Managing Partner, he assumes the defense of the interests of foreign States and several Multinationals. He advises particularly multinationals, Chinese companies based in Switzerland and foreign States. Alongside the attorney’s duty, he assumes chairmanship of the board of Palexpo Ltd and several other boards.

Joshua is a technology entrepreneur, financier and community builder. He worked at Accenture as technology and corporate strategy consultant and Deutsche Bank in its global investment banking and M&A group prior to starting North America’s first free-to-play MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) publisher, GamersFirst, which became one of the largest free-to-play MMORPG publishers in the Western Hemisphere with offices in U.S, India, Brazil and Turkey.

Event Manager for Le Temps, Alain Jeannet began his life as a journalist at L’Hebdo. He was at the head of the economic section between 1987 and 1990 before settling in Berlin to cover German reunification. In 1991, he participated in the launch of the Nouveau Quotidien. Between 1992 and 1996, as Asia project manager for Ringier, he launched half a dozen publications in China and Vietnam. He will assume the post of editor-in-chief of Bilan (1999-2002) before taking over the management of L’Hebdo (2003-2017). He participates in the setting up of a common newsroom with Le Temps until the closing of the magazine. He is the producer and co-creator of the Forum des 100 launched in 2005.

Serge graduated from Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace and received a PhD in theoretical Physics from Université de Provence. Working at Swissquote since 2001, he is Head of the Quantitative Asset Management department, Director, Member of senior management of Swissquote Bank.

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Pierre joined IBM in Switzerland in 2000 as a former researcher in the field of information technology. Since then, Pierre has worked on Services projects for various clients in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, from banking to insurance and industry. Pierre’s role is to coordinate the various professionals involved in the construction and maintenance of complex computer systems. For 4 years now, Pierre has joined the sales team and his role is to enable companies of all sizes to understand new technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. This ranges from demystifying these new terms to consulting and implementing projects to highlight the achievements and differentiators of each company. Pierre is a speaker at various events.

Pawel Kuskowski is CEO and Co-Founder of Coinfirm. Entrepreneur, financial crime and compliance advisor and leader in the area of regulatory risk, Pawel is an expert in compliance and anti-money-laundering with extensive experience conducting global projects for international financial institutions and cooperating with supervisory authorities. He is also the chairman of the Compliance Association of Poland and a member of the advisory board of the International Compliance Association.

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Florence Driessens is project manager at the Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne Innovation department. The question she is trying to answer: If Mr Tschumi, founder of EHL, were to reinvent the school today, what would he do? In a future of educational micro credits, protecting the EHL brand image by ensuring certificate veracity with Blockchain, is paramount!

Christophe Lamps is senior partner and co-founder Dynamics Group, one of the leading strategic communications consultancy in Switzerland. He has a broad experience of global communication strategies as well as of image, crisis and issue management, investor relations, public affairs and media relations. He serves clients both in Switzerland and on a pan-European basis, primarily in the life sciences, banking and industrial fields.
Before joining Dynamics Group in January 2008, he was a partner in a leading Geneva based communication agency. From 1989 to 1999, he was Head of Corporate Communications, as well as spokesman, of Serono, Europe’s largest biotechnology company.

Jonas is the Chief Product Officer of Procivis AG, a Swiss company which offers government-trusted digital identity solutions. Prior to this, Jonas worked for over 10 years in the field of security sector governance and reform in the MENA Division of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF).

With over 20 years in web technology and entrepreneurship, Richard has a proven record of bringing both his own founded company as well as many others over two decades of success. In 1999, he founded Jadworks, an online web and intranet builder for growing companies contracted for large-scale use by companies such as Chevron and Bright Horizons Family Solutions. He has also mentored and guided many others from small seed-level ideas to nationally successful eCommerce multimillion dollar acquisitions.

Rodolphe Meyer is an Enterprise Architect Assistant Director ISD (Information Systems Department) at Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève.

Co-founder and CEO of WISeKey, Carlos Moreira is one of the pioneers of the international digital scene. His 17 years of cybersecurity work for the United Nations and his extensive experience in the diplomatic community have enabled him to become a cybersecurity expert. Driven by the conviction that the Internet should remain a universal network and yet a secure one, he examines the technologies that can provide this security. His work also extends to philanthropic projects.

Jean-Henry Morin studied at the University of Geneva where he obtained his doctorate in information systems in 1999. He has published numerous articles in international conferences, several contributions in scientific journals as well as various articles of which he is the co-author. He also co-edited a book. His high-level research is focused in three directions: Digital Right Management (DRM), adoption factors for DRM technologies in organizations and locating DRM Research in the Context of the science of services.

Monique is President and Co-Founder of the Humanized Internet, a non-profit organization focused on providing digital identity for those individuals most underserved. Monique’s focus in Blockchain has been specific to education and credentialing, in addition to Blockchain’s applicability in other industries for example, healthcare Internet of Things and insurance. She has been active in the Bitcoin-Blockchain and Ethereum architectural discussions including the application of security-privacy and the use of secure multi-party computation.

Dejan holds a Master’s degree in international relations. He started his professional career in the NGO sector before taking on various positions in banking and financial institutions and later became a journalist working for French-speaking newspapers such as Agefi, Tribune de Genève and Bon à Savoir. He was also the deputy head of the Geneva office at Le Temps. Dejan is the Deputy Directorate General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation of Canton of Geneva.

Chairman of the executive board since 1 January 2014, Patrick Odier has been the senior managing partner of Groupe Lombard Odier since 1 July 2008.
He joined the group in 1982 and finished his training in Zurich, New York City and Montreal before becoming a managing partner in 1986. He holds an economic degree from the University of Geneva and an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago.
Patrick Odier was chairman of the Swiss Bankers Association from 2009 to 2016. He is a member of the executive board and the board of directors of economiesuisse (a federation of Swiss companies). He is also a member of the executive board of several Swiss and international academic institutions and philanthropic organisations.

Fedor Poskriakov is a partner at Lenz & Staehelin in the banking and regulatory group in Geneva and specializes in banking, securities and finance law. He regularly advises on various regulatory, contractual and corporate matters. His practice covers banking, investment management and alternative investments, including private equity and hedge funds. He also advises on complex asset structuring and protection for business and private assets. His other practice areas include compliance advisory, internal investigations and private clients.

Ben Robinson is Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos, in charge of the group’s strategy development, resource allocation, and strategy execution. In addition, Ben runs the Marketplace, Temenos’ platform to facilitate the exchange of value between banks and fintech companies, one of company’s most important recent business model innovations.
A regular blogger and speaker on the subjects of innovation and fintech, Ben runs the “Swiss Technology Group”, a networking group aimed at promoting the technology industry in Switzerland, is a mentor at Fintech Fusion, Switzerland’s first fintech start-up accelerator, and sits on the committee of the Capital Markets and Technology Association, an independent body looking to create common standards around security tokenization.
Ben joined Temenos in 2007 and has held various roles, including CMO, before assuming his current role in March of 2017.

Alexis Roussel is co-founder of the crypto-currency trading platform bity.com.

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Toufi Saliba is a serial technopreneur with a track record in algorithms, machine learning and cryptography dating back to 2001. In parallel to his crypto life, he has built & sold IP that ended up at Google, HP and his last AI startup became an Intel company.

Beyond being a Co-Author of the TODA Protocol, Toufi Saliba is also the Global Chair of ACM’s Practitioners Board CC, an invited speaker at WIC, UN, ITU, AiForGood, and a board member & advisor to several tech ventures, organizations such as FSR and F500 companies.

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Arnaud Salomon is CEO and co-founder of Mt Pelerin. This engineer graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne was a trader in commodities and foreign exchange, before launching in the project of the first bank in the world based on blockchain, in 2016.

Prior to joining WISeKey as Chief Information Officer, Hans Schwab co-founded and founded numerous ventures in the technology, aeronautics and services industry with a focus over the past decade on developing anti-counterfeiting and anti-illicit trade platforms and applications. He spent 10 years in various management positions with the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, including as a Member of their Executive Board and seven years in senior management positions with a Swiss multinational company.

Michael Sedenkov is an Enterprise Architect at Philip Morris International, focusing on Blockchain and RPA technologies and also working on AI and Machine Learning.

Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur is a Master of Education and Research and Director of the CAS Blockchain at the University Center of Informatics at the University of Geneva on a part-time basis. He has published more than 100 research papers on decentralized trust worldwide and raised more than 40 million Euros for decentralized trust and R&D projects funded by the European Union and ICOs. In addition, he is a blockchain expert for the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Fabio is an impact investing expert using technology to accelerate financial inclusion and traceability. He has joined in 2018 WeCan.Fund, a crowdfunding and blockchain start-up boutique based in Geneva. Fabio is also President of Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG), the leading association promoting Geneva’s ecosystem.

As Deputy Director General of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce (CCIG), Vincent Subilia oversees its international affairs, arbitration department and Members’ services, as well as represents the CCIG within numerous regional, national and international institutions (including the General Council of the World Chamber’s Federation, as elected Swiss representative). Vincent has equally been appointed as President of the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution.

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), Don Tapscott is one of the foremost experts in the field of new technologies and their impact on business and society. Author of 16 books, including Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything (translated into over 25 languages) and Blockchain Revolution (the global best seller on blockchain into over 15 languages), he was one of the first intellectuals to focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Since he sees Blockchain as not just a new technology, but rather a true revolution, he joined his son Alex Tapscott in co-founding the BRI, an independent organisation including international experts of which the objective is to provide concrete solutions to both the private and public sectors. He is the guest of WISeKey.

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Vincent is a partner for the Head of Corporate Tax for Western Switzerland at KPMG. He is benefiting from a strong experience in national and international tax advise by having spent more than 18 years in the Big Four. Vincent is actively involved as national and international tax adviser serving the needs of medium and large Swiss and foreign international clients. He is particularly focused on tax reorganization, Merger & Acquisition, financing and IP structure, projects and national and international corporate tax planning, assistance in case of tax audit and tax litigation.

Philippe Thévoz has been at the forefront of Digital Transformation since 30 years. Since 2015, as independent consultant, he advised governments and businesses in their digital transformation, with a strong accent on Blockchain technologies. Since 2017, as Executive Vice-President eGovernment Systems at SICPA, he has the responsibility to lead the developments of new Digital platforms for Governments. This includes Secure Immutable Registries based upon a “Digital Integrity Platform”, using the latest digital technologies, such as Blockchain, cryptography, digital Identity, secure marking and artificial intelligence.

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Patrick Trinkler is the Founder and CEO of ARCATrust SA, a cyber-security company which aims to provide a secure environment for multi-applications. As a first use-case it targets Blockchain applications that require a secure wallet system for crypto-assets management.

Patrick Ventuzelo is a Security Researcher at QuoScient GmbH.

Antoine is co-founder of BlockFactory, a company based in Crypto Valley delivering advisory and development services in the Blockchain space. He is also a founder of Proxeus, a set of open source Blockchain standards for digitizing, registering, storing and managing assets, dubbed as “Wordpress for the Blockchain”.

Previously, Antoine co-founded Sandbox, a global community for talented young individuals below 30 years old and later led one of the first venture capital vehicles in Switzerland with an exclusive focus on FinTech. In 2010 and 2013, he was named in the 100 top Swiss personalities by the magazines “L’Hebdo” and “Bilan”.

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André Wolke, CEO & Co-founder of Validity Labs, founder of the BIOTS program, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Electronic Engineer by heard. He has a wealth of experience in bridging industries and bringing together technology providers, researchers, academics and students in a global community of pioneers to build the future of distributed-ledger technology.

Robert Zaremba is co-founder and CTO of Cerealia. He has more than 10 years of experience with Data mining, analytics, distributed systems, crypto-economics and entrepreneurship. He is recognized as a thought leader in emergent technology, startups and sustainable economy disruption. By working with purpose and drive, Mr. Zaremba delivers IT solutions and educational development. Professionally, Robert is doing R&D in a data intelligence, fintech and crypto-economics area.